It’s time you break free from your respiratory restrictions.
It’s time to enjoy a long day at the beach, explore a new
country or take a ski trip up north. That’s because with the
portable MicroAir nebulizer, any place is the right place. It’s a
nebulizer like no other.
Welcome to a revolution in respiratory relief.
  • Easy, one-touch operation
  • Take it everywhere
  • Fast, efficient medication delivery
  • Quiet and discreet
  • No tubing
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries
Easy to carry and even easier to use.
You can take it anywhere without the
hassle or the embarrassing noise of bulky
tabletop nebulizers. Its simple one-touch
operation delivers your medication quickly
and efficiently—giving you a better
treatment and more time to enjoy the things
you love. So ditch the tabletop nebulizer,
and say “hello” to MicroAir.
Nebulize Anywhere
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amazing photographers.
MicroAir is the smallest and the lightest nebulizer out there.
But it can still deliver your medication powerfully, even compared to
other portable nebulizers. Its innovative size and tubeless design
help you take control of your respiratory condition so you can do the
things your old nebulizer kept you from doing. The park beckons.
MicroAir Dimensions:
Height: 6.1"
Width: 2.1"
Weight: 6 oz.

With cutting-edge Vibrating Mesh Technology,
your treatment isn’t only precise, it’s fast and powerful, too.
No other handheld nebulizer provides all three benefits.

Amazing things DO come in very small packages.

Nebulize quickly and efficiently
2.5 mg in 2 min.
Prescription required
“Better, more efficient and less time consuming… All in all, MicroAir is a pretty sweet nebulizer.”
—Paul Mathews, Ph.D., RRT, Wichita, Kansas
“We had planned a picnic, normally a chore because we would have to carry our son’s regular-sized nebulizer and locate an electrical socket. But this time, we were able to administer his treatment on the way to the park…he even wanted to hold the nebulizer and do the treatment by himself!”
—Scott Davis, Father

“We have really appreciated the portable nebulizer—it really has made [my son’s] quality of life much better—he plays sports, goes to school and everything else knowing that his asthma is…under control.”

“My son loves it—the twice daily treatment…goes very fast and I can tell [the] medicine is working better for him (must be getting more of it with [the] new nebulizer).”
—Lynn Lehman, Mother, Rosemont, IL
Prescription required

Don’t let its size fool you. Though it weighs only 6 ounces and fits snugly in the palm of your hand, the MicroAir nebulizer has a lot to offer. Like all Omron products, it’s accurate, advanced, reliable and tested under the highest quality standards. It’s a marvel in respiratory management.

But see for yourself. Roll over the device to learn more.

Prescription required
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